Culture, Economy and the Contemporary City

This one day symposium offers the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss the politics, economics and culture that are transforming Belfast, Derry and their environs.

The contemporary city is one which ceaselessly trades on and monetises its culture as commodity. We see this very explicitly in the cultural and creative industries, and in the emergence of an open competition between cities and regions as they continually seek to secure inward investment from significant global or transnational economic players. In this respect, the city is a crucial unit of economic and political analysis, showing us how transnational capital moves through particular spaces and places, how it transforms theses spaces and places accordingly. The question of how the particular cultures or forms of cultural production in a given city connect up to the economic forces that play through it is a hard one to pose with any real clarify and purpose. This is one of our key ambitions for this one-day symposium, bringing together, as it does, a range of scholars to talk about how culture and economy connect up in the contemporary city.


The event starts at 12 noon which a lunch buffet provided.

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