UCD School of Social Justice – Equality Studies Centre

As part of an SEUPB Peace III funded programme ‘Trade Unions in Post Conflict Societies’ led by ICTU in partnership with Trademark we have designed a course entitled Continuing Professional Development Certificate in Social Justice – Trade Unions and Social Justice. This new development is designed to offer an accredited course designed to reconnect activists to trade union fundamentals in the context of an economy and society in transition. The course will be delivered by a combination of experienced trade union tutors and academics from the UCD School of Social Justice.

What accreditation does the course offer?

It is a 10 credit course at Level 8 of the National Qualification Framework and can be taken as the sole element of a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through a blended learning methodology based on UCD’s dedicated Blackboard website which facilitates student communications and provides full course information and full course materials. In addition there are 5 teaching days between UCD, Trademark Belfast, Mandate Training Centre and one residential.

What will the focus of the course be?

  1. Exploring the ideological, political and legal dimensions of trade unionism;
  2. Understanding political theories of equality including equality of opportunity, equality of outcome and intersectionality;
  3. An exploration of ‘political economy’ that sees economic ideas not as science but as ideological positions that must themselves be explained;
  4. An overview of the role of trade unions in societies in transition;
  5. Trade Union in praxis – practical projects addressing current trade union issues, organising in the 21st centry, ‘community’ trade unionism.

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