Anti-sectarianism and anti-racism

Trademark addresses sectarianism and racism by breaking through the process of politeness, avoidance and denial which characterise inter-personal contact in Northern Ireland and prevent honest dialogue from taking place around these issues.

We have extensive experience in helping individuals and institutions alike, dealing with problems as they arise or in developing pro-active policy to prevent issues of discrimination or harassment infecting relationships between people.

In collaboration with the Trade Union Movement we have worked in both the public and private employment sectors with a body of work that includes major multi-national companies and small to medium enterprises.

Trademark’s approach to anti-sectarian and anti-racist practice is underpinned by an analysis of sectarianism and racism as the products of intersecting historical processes, structural power dynamics and material conditions.

We locate the origins of sectarianism in the emergence of British and European capitalist colonialism and its impact on Ireland, while recognising that both external and internal factors have shaped its historical development and contemporary manifestations.