Training and Education

Trademark offers a range of education and training courses, accredited and unaccredited. These courses are often a combination of three broadly traditional methods of instruction including:

the Didactic, which suggests the passing of information one way from teacher to student, largely comprising legislation and policy-based information.

the Socratic, which follows a series of planned questions and workshops which are intended to lead the participants towards insight, reflection and active participation in the process of learning.

facilitative teaching that encourages a high level of participation encouraging participants to be responsible for his/her own learning in which the trainer acts as a catalyst and supporter who provides opportunities for students to learn through discussion and group work.

These methodological approaches are underpinned by an approach known as critical pedagogy and are particularly relevant to the themes of equality and social justice as it refers to teaching and learning practices that are designed to raise learners’ critical consciousness regarding discrimination, exclusion and oppressive social conditions.