Equality and Good Relations

IMG_1906Trademark offers training, support and advice to organisations in the public and private sector in addressing  issues of equality and good relations, with a focus on sectarian and racist harassment and discrimination:

  • Workplace anti-sectarian and anti-racist intervention
  • Understanding and implementing Equality Legislation
  • The Northern Ireland Act 1998 Section 75 (1) & (2).
  • Anti-harassment training

The significance of the workplace as a vehicle for discrimination and exclusion is clearly reflected in the levels of potentially punitive legislation and statutory duties on various employers. The reverse of this is that workplaces also hold great potential to challenge racism and sectarianism. The workplace is one of the few places where people meet together across sectarian, ethnic and national divisions. Whilst the dynamics of the workplace is often one of denial, avoidance, politeness and silence on divisive issues it is also a place which holds potential to transform attitudes and to offer genuine possibilities of tackling prejudice and discrimination.

In what is an increasingly divided society, it is obvious that unless workplaces find ways of dealing with the fears and divisions that exist, the long-term potential for reconciliation will disappear into a kind of benign apartheid. It is clear that as one of the few places where people meet across lines of division, the workplace carries a potential for change absent in many other areas of society. It is to this potential that anti-racist an anti-sectarian programmes must be directed.

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